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Boulegeris Investments, Inc. conducts independent investment research, which includes fundamental analysis of a company, qualitative assessment of its management, and evaluation of a company's sector relevance at any given time.

Portfolios are constructed to achieve appropriate diversification to modulate risk and to reflect the investment guidance provided by the client.

We seek companies with:

  • Proven management teams
  • Strong balance sheets
  • Constancy of earnings growth
  • A competitive advantage in the marketplace

We view ourselves as prudent, long-term global investors. The firm is dedicated to maximizing total return by investing in companies with strong earnings growth and increasing dividends. We distinguish between the value of a company and the attractiveness of its stock at any given time. Though principally growth and income investors, we are equally committed to purchasing securities at appropriate valuations.

While the primary focus of our management involves equity securities, fixed income securities are an integral component of retirement and other portfolios that must provide for required future cash flows.

We appreciate the dynamic nature of the capital markets and understand the necessity to constantly review and assess our investment decisions.