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Michael G. Boulegeris

CEO, Boulegeris Investments, Inc.

Michael Boulegeris graduated from the United States Military Academy with a B.S. degree in Engineering and a minor in Eastern European and Soviet Studies. He served as a commissioned officer in the United States Army, achieved the rank of Captain and was entrusted with a high security clearance. Mr. Boulegeris founded the firm in 1992 and is the firm's Chief Investment Officer. He also serves as a Trustee of the Annunciation Cathedral Endowment Foundation of the Greek Orthodox Church in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Boulegeris was recognized by the West Point Association of Graduates and inducted into the General Henry H. Arnold Society.

Mr. Boulegeris was a Co-Founder of MAP Pharmaceuticals Inc., a biopharmaceutical company that was acquired by Allergan, Inc. in March 2013.